Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Formosan United Corporation is ranked amongst the largest, world renowned and accredited suppliers in Asia.

Established in 1973, as a global provider of do-it-yourself products, soon later, the company expanded into different markets by creating 5 subsidiaries to offer a diverse range of products and services. These consist of handtools, garden tools, bathroom décor, aftermarket automobile spare parts, automobile service tools, and battery applications.

FUCO is the parent company of, FUCO Tools ©, Saniluxe ©, REX Motors ©, Autoservicetools © and HI-PAK ©. Furthermore, FUCO used to be the only Sanyo agent based in Taiwan for more than 20 years whom supplies Sanyo batteries nationwide for industrial uses.

FUCO's organizational structure is designed to successfully meet the challenges from within a rapidly and permanently changing global business world. Flexibility, proficiency and efficiency are the appropriate terms to describe best our corporate philosophy in this respect.

FUCO is and has always been a most reliable business partner. We care that our employees are always committed to fair business conduct.

Apart from production and trade-related activities, FUCO, through its coordinated global network, offers total-value-added services to its clients. Such services include assistance in product development, product design, product sourcing, the inspection and monitoring of the production process of its products (quality assurance), logistics for shipping, and warranties for the products sold to its customers. In addition, FUCO offers full service to meet the demands of customers in regards of packaging design and/or brand labeling.

We supplying solutions to our trading partners...

Innovation and complete personalization.
Our R&D team provides world-class innovative solutions to stay ahead of our competitors in a constant changing market climate.
We deliver personalized solutions to guarantee our client's needs and expectations will be met.

OEM and ODM Project Development
FUCO is an experienced company, thus we understand the expectation customers really care about.
We can offer full range of ODM/OEM service to customers with an efficient design, development and production procedure to meet market needs and client's request.

Quality Excellence
Fuco has incorporated the MIL-STD-105 and Six Sigma quality managment models in its production procedures.
We are able to apply additional specific quality controls requested by our clients. FUCO’s long-term goal is to provide immediate logistics for its global partners by creating a “freeway supply system” that would significantly reduce the time of delivery.
Logistic Excellence
Our operations department offers 100% logistical support and boasts 40 years experience in provideing logistic solutions.

      Since its foundation in 1973, FUCO operates as a one-source supply center for its trade partners around the globe. Major trade partners of FUCO are home centers, hypermarkets, hardware chain stores, importers and retailers.
      The two founding persons of FUCO, Mr. Harry Fan and Mr. Ernest Sun, assure such a corporate vision. They are still heading the company, nowadays employing more than 150 highly qualified staff members worldwide.
      FUCO is led by one immutable principle,“Trade on the basis of technology”. This is why FUCO provides its clientele with first class products, which boasts and maintains the highest standards of quality. In addition, we provide services that include, technical support, OEM and ODM project developments, logistical handling, research and development, and exceptional production management, all aimed at meeting our partners’ demands.

FUCO in the 80’s.

      FUCO is an international company. The production sites are regionally based in Taiwan and in Mainland China, whereas its trade partners are located throughout the world. FUCO sells to Europe (63% of the total FUCO sale), Japan (16%) ,USA (3%), Africa (7%) and other regions (11%). Likewise, FUCO maintains subsidiary and liaison offices in Europe, Japan as well as in China. Therefore, FUCO can be easily contacted either locally through these offices or directly via modern forms of communication.

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Quality Assurance        ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management system.

ISO 13485:2012 - Medical Device Quality Management System.